My Top Ten Best Games Of 2016 (10-6)

I have seen more flicks than played games this year, so aside from this being my own opinion, I’ve likely not have checked your favorite game out if it was in the Triple A category. Also, I was in a bit of a rush near the end, having a very adventurous 2016, so even some of my favorites on here, I have not beaten in time of this write-up, but played just enough to tell you why these are my top ten best games of 2016!

Number 10: Killing Floor 2


When this first launched on early access, I was a little unimpressed. When this fist launched on early access, every PC gamer I knew lost their crud over this mod coming back as a fully developed sequel was not something I was particularly excited for when I first played the early access build.

Around the month of release, I gave it another go when the hype died down and the product was frowned upon for its use of micro transactions while also being overshadowed by later games. I’m not gonna lie, I spent so much time with the PC version of this game and without realizing it.

In premise and design, this is still a formulaic horde mode shooter and it’s definitely holding enough issues to hold itself back from achieving a higher placement, but if there’s anything to give reason of why this game is on here is simply because it works. Yeah, it’s running on a very populated idea, but there’s so much dumb charm to it.

While nothing outside of its personality stands out, the pure adrenaline-rush addiction of feeling like you are in a climax action sequence from a loveable B movie allows Killing Floor 2 to stand out from the rest.

It doesn’t hurt to have effective combat and devious challenges to help spike things up! You can get this on PS4 and be able to enjoy some local co-op fun, but the immersive mod support on PC points to the best experience to an otherwise still simple, frantic, fun time!

Number 9: Darkest Dungeon


Darkest Dungeon is a procedural generated dungeon crawler that’s a big delight, even nearly a full year after release. Combining D&D with turned based Dark Souls-ish action, you are granted with ten diverse classes, in which each share their own personalities, customization and strategies to take note of.

The fact that anything bad can happen to your favorite party members at any time creates that sense of Dred, always wanting you to be on your most wary guard, packed with recovery items, trinkets (or perks) and upgrades that you must spend wisely. Even if you think you’ve got the upper hand, there’s always another part to throw you off guard.

With a game this solid on combat, customization, and a gorgeous all around presentation, you’d think this would be higher, but the challenge in Darkest Dungeon both works with and against its appeal. I did get exhausted a bit after a while of unsuccessful progression that’s left me with going through the same busy work missions in order to get a little further.

Fortunately, the experience is wonderfully grim for any classic RPG goer and unlike Killing Floor 2, equally satisfying to grasp on the PlayStation or PC platform!

Number 8: RIVE


Rive is one crazy joy-ride! It’s a throwback to games like asteroids, galaga & robotron, but formatted in a 2D metrovainia platformer, with the ability to hack different robots to fight by your side, one volunteer at a time.

You do have upgradable fire-power, but the roller-coaster-like level design helps accelerate all the action together when there’s so much destruction to be had on-screen, mixed in with epic set pieces to make you truly feel the excitement of this imaginative shoot’em up.

Throw in some memorable boss fights, several fun challenge modes to play and an outstanding cyberpunk art style and you got yourself a must have old-school shooter for your PlayStation, Xbox and PC platforms. If only the main character was less annoying, I may enjoy this even more than a number 8 spot!

Number 7: tinyBuild Games


tinyBuild had released quite a few small indies over the past year, but many of them turn out as unforgettable experiences. My favorite has to be The Last Station for being a charming, adorable spoof on The Last Of Us, even if that wasn’t the intention.

But then you’ve got Road To Ballhalla, ClusterTruck, & Lovely Planet Arcade, which are all bizarre speed-runners in their own delightful way. It’s not often that I’ll reward a “best of” to an entire publisher, but everything I’ve played from them have been some of the most positively interesting gaming experiences of 2016, from the outrageous ideas turned into some simple good times.

If you are looking for quick, short, or bizarrely enjoyable games, look for tinyBuild to deliver, regardless of genre, even platform choice. I haven’t played SpeedRunner’s full release, Punch Club, Party Hard, or Diaries Of A Spaceport Janitor, but hearing that there are still great stuff from this publisher I have yet to play only gets me further in excitement for their next big hit!

Though next time, only one product from this growing indie distributer will qualify a “best of”, but for now, the whole studio deserves a big round of applause!

Number 6: Pony Island


Someone was able to capture the 4th wall-breaking spirit of Undertale in the form of a demonic arcade machine. Very briefly after one small introduction, you start to see through its seamlessly harmless setting and throughout the rest of this short ride, you are having to use your hacking, and player skills to free all of the lost souls inside of this cabinet before satin can destroy you.

It’s a crazy set-up that works, delivering a strong, weird short story with ever-changing insanity. Part of this is a runner with platforming and shoot’em up action while the other is outsmart satin through breaching code and solving riddles. The further you go, the more screwed up and creepy thing get as you dive deeper into its mysteries.

The narrative is almost too good to spoil, but getting through the loveable art, music, and varied daunting gameplay can be described as playing a video game equivalent of your favorite ffd up children’s cartoon. It’s a game that even after first play through, you’ll want to sit through it again and still be creeped out in an inviting tone.

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