Pond’s Press Is Not Only Pond’s Press

I love working with others and building together. I have always wanted to bring in some volunteering editors to add-on with their own personality. Thus I introduce two more blog topics that will be hosted by some lovable folks! Being that this is volunteer work, I do not expect a week consistency!

Indie Joy is a spin-off to the regular review program here. The difference is that these our posts by Level Joy, who will be going about the critique business in a format different from mine. She will just be spotlighting any indie game she finds interesting to her liking.

This is no bum on the road of course as this young indie gamer from the Netherlands knows a thing or two about spotlighting a game you may not have heard of before!


Game Development 101 is dedicated to the developers themselves. Starting off with Joel Christiansen, who I’ve worked on Disastr_Blastr with. This is so you get to hear the thoughts of a developer’s creative life, tips on game making or even project spotlights. I may open this  up to more developers in the future, but only one will do.

Plus, any developer who rides the Pond’s Press express will sacrifice their eligibility to have their games looked at by me or other members of this site (with Level Joy’s coverage of Disastr_Blastr being the one sole slip away, only that this occurred before the thought of putting these two on crossed and being that I know them both, I do know Joy’s thoughts were genuine.

If you’d like to jump on board with your ideas, or have a game for me or Level Joy to look at, email me: philok76@gmail.com

……….Well that’s all I got in updates for now!


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