John Wick Chapter 2, Short Cut Review

Super Late Review due to technical issues. Won’t happen again!

On today’s movie menu, we have Fifty Shades…of John Wick Chapter 2!

John Wick Chapter 2 (Directed By Chad Stahelski)


I came into this without seeing the first John Wick or expecting anything but an average action movie. John Wick, or at least the chapter I’ve witnessed, seems to be far above your typical blockbuster fest.

Shortly after the original feature, we find John Wick (played by Keanu Reeves) decides to back out of the hitman buisness after getting his car back from a gang of thugs.

He then retires to his home with his pet dog in hopes of never having do commit to this buisness ever again.

But the Italian mafia leader Santino D’ Antonio (played by Riccardo Scamarcio) forces him into finishing his contract. He wants him to kill her sister so he can take the royale chair.

As John has to overcome this task, Santino slips a seven million dollar bounty on his head for after he completes his mission. After knowing he’s been set up, John Wick has to take out Santonio before the assassins in the shadows can get him.

This movie rides on its ideals of 70s action. Watching this gave me vibes of Dirty Harry, except John kills because he’s ticked off about his situation and you really feel it.

I was surprised at how this was so much more than just a dumb B action fest. They’ve put so much work into making you feel apart of this world, despite having obvious campy acting from a few folks.

Yet, the campiness never detracts from the thrills. The narrative is brought in a way to support the build-up and fight scenes by giving out a detailed lore revolving around the hitman society, while having fun with its ideas as well.

If I had to say what’s wrong with this film, it’s that people get constant reminders not to mess with John Wick due to his known deadly behavior and every time, no one seems to realize how much of a super hero he really is.

John Wick will get shot, stabbed and run over a few, but only to shake it off like a minor injury.

The problem is that it’s pulled off in a way that you eventually stop believing that Wick would be in any real danger and just realize how stupid all the bad guys are for repeatedly believing they can actually take him.

It’s not explained how John Wick can take more hits than anyone, he’s just that good I guess. While the cliffhanger leaves off to a promising part 3, I am hoping that Wick will have to be tasked with a huge threat, because both for story or action purposes, the fun can easily wear thin if he keeps up his sudden invincibility.

Still, a great ride!



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