Veggietales In The City Review: Sock Fetish

I already gave my final impressions of Veggietales In The House and thought it was a gorgeous-looking mess of a show that at least little kids who are into religious stuff could still enjoy. I’ve realized that Veggietales had zero interest in being fun for the whole family like it’s predecessors at least tried, and that’s okay!

But series creator Phil Vischer & Mike Nawrocki believe they can achieve greater with a sequel. Does our heroic vegetables have what it takes to build-upon and improve with their new style?


Ichabeezer (voiced by Rob Paulson) tells about a new city that’s just construction to all of our lovely casts of veggies and fruit characters. After our cast gets used to the new environment, new possibilities can open up for a grander, wider-appeal adventure…except that doesn’t happen.

Bob and Larry (voiced by Phil & Mike) gape at how large this city is with all of the overpassing highways, interconnected tunnels and additional buildings that are just asking to be explored, but this idea very quickly gets tossed out within the first half of Season 1 and what you get instead is essentially the same thing.

By this point, Big Idea is telling you that there’s no big ideas left for this franchise. Everything that was wrong with the last one has been the only thing that’s grown to new heights, for nothing but the worst. The stories are once again tired messages that other kid shows do a better job at telling, just sometimes adding in a set-piece to come after when they’ve learned the lesson.

The songs are an abomination, for kids standards. They just pull the lyrics straight from their rear and add an 80s electric piano you see from a hipster’s retro frat party. Having an extended town is nice, but they don’t take long to get out of the city and hang around the same locals from the previous entry, minus a couple of new locations would be re-used.

This show has gotten so darn lazy with itself, that I could have sworn I saw some dialogue not sync with the lips of our main heroes. I may have been feeling high, but that’s where our new characters come in.


It begins from just introducing the missing family members from some of our younger veggies, but then you meet a stoner comic book store owner who doesn’t have a whole lot of screen time, but when he’s on, he’s definitely high while he’s running his store and being a fake-nerdy salesman.

Then you get those rare episodes where you feel like two veggies are coming onto each other. One of those times happened in an episode regarding Larry winning pizza for Bob, and as he walks into a store, two townsfolk are laughing together over the sharing pizza, but I’m looking at them thinking they are about to screw each other, then the camera cuts back to Larry.

To top it all off, there’s a concerning level of sock fetish in this sequel. In the predecessor, it was given that Larry was a huge sock collector, but here, socks are everything. I know some goofballs who love socks, but nowhere near the level that’s gone onto here.

I think half of the episodes revolve around the fascination over socks, the way a rich dude would come up to you just to have your socks for an exchange of a few thousands in cash. These and this episode from the screen above where grouchy Ichabreezer suddenly wants to play pirate with children.


This show is not just lazy, it’s gotten uncomfortably weird. Maybe I’m looking at things too deeply, but that could be because I’m just too bored and annoyed from this show to care. I would say, “go ahead and show this to little kids”, but no, I think you can expose your kid to something more meaningful, more exciting and with more care.


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