QuakeCon 2017 Games Evaluation (Part 2)

Continuing off of the previous QuakeCon post, here’s more games from the event!

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (Developed By MachineGames)


Out of all upcoming Bethesda titles, this one I know so many are looking forward to. Rightfully so, as the reboot from 2014 was considered to be a cult-hit by many. It was a near-perfect blend of frantic revitalized old-school shooting with a surprisingly thought-provoking story, adding a bit of social commentary and violent satire.

From what I’ve played of The New Colossus, it seems as though they are taking to rule of “don’t fix what ain’t broken” and that’s fine. It’s a sharper, faster and more challenging sequel, but there’s no drastic changes as far as what I played so far, which was the very first level in the game.

B.J. Blazkowicz (still voiced by Brian Bloom) wakes up to submarine facility that gets overrun by Nazis and has to make it out alive with a wheelchair. It’s a hilarious set piece of strolling around and shooting down or stealth-killing Nazis while in a wheelchair. The biggest thing I’ve noticed aside from having an even more creative level design is that the Nazis are more intelligent foes than what they were from the previous entry.

Enemies will cower behind cover, attempting to avoid getting shot before making their move and will call back up to either their location or to flank you if they could. I was still able to make it out, but on the normal difficulty setting, I faced a good fight. Probably the only complaint I have for this so far is that whenever you get into a cutscene, the frame rate changes from 60 to 30, then back when it’s over.

It’s a silly complaint sure, but with the game looking this great and the cinematics still using the in-game visuals  for presentation, it’s certainly odd to still see this happen while on a stronger engine and less platforms to release on. Otherwise, the game looks like its going to be a fun sequel, even if its more of the same.

Excitement Level: Medium

At Sundown (Developed By Mild Beast Games)


I remember first trying this game back at SXSW Gaming 2016. It was, (and still is) a top-down competitive multiplayer stealth game where up to four players have to hunt the other down in a free-for-all match, given that everyone is invisible except for when they dash, throw smoke, attack or get temporarily revealed from the environment effect.

What I’ve played from the most part at QuakeCon only seems to be the same thing but with more weapons and maps to choose from. One thing I noticed though, the game’s action felt more refined, though I’m not completely sure why. Either they made the gameplay even more efficient to play or I just got better at playing it.

I can tell you though, being able to switch weapons on the fly does make the fights more exciting, rather than before where you had to stick with one gun or sword throughout the match. Since there’s already a game out on Steam with the same concept, but featuring online play in addition to couch competition, known as Invisigun Heroes, I can’t look at this with instant excitement.

I enjoyed what I played, but to be frank, I won’t have the often opportunity to sit down with a friend and game together.

Excitement Level: Medium

Source Link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/419700/At_Sundown/

Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider (Developed By Arkane Studios)


I thought the original Dishonored was a flawed, but fun game and I sadly never got around to play Dishonored 2 or Prey at this point. Having to wait until Saturday noon to finally get my hands on this standalone expansion, all what I experienced was Dishonored 1: The Lost Levels with a dull-as-heck story.

The demo opens up with a long motion comic and some chick talking about an evil being who tortures others and must be stopped…something way too common for video games that think they’ve got a deep, dark story. At least Dishonored 1 had a promising opening to work with, but this intro did not entice me at all for gameplay that didn’t warrant a two-day wait.

It’s not that the gameplay sucks as I still love the idea of tackling my objective on my own preference in a open-ended level, but seeing footage of how Dishonored 2 might have greatly expanded on the original and then playing this which decides to just be the original Dishonored with a voiced main character & a couple of tweaks, I just feel disappointed.

Maybe it’s also due to coming out of The Last Of Us: Left Behind or Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, where those standalone expansions had something new to say about familiar characters and added a new gameplay element or two. This is strictly for those who love the heck out of Dishonored 1 that they wished the sequel was more like the original.

Again, have not played Dishonored 2, so I have no idea if this is needed. I just know that 20 minutes in, I decided there was no point to keep going. As a video game, it’s actually pretty decent with its intercut level design and rewarding exploration, but as a continuation to the Dishonored franchise for $29.99 and still sharing the same issues such as the story, its unbearably shallow.

You can grab Dishonored 1: Game Of The Year Edition for less the price or a physical copy of Dishonored 2 for the same price, so I’d pass this up unless if you are that die-hard of a Dishonored fan.

Excitement Level: Low

Source Link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/614570/

Check out the last part!: https://pondspress.wordpress.com/2017/08/28/quakecon-2017-games-evaluation-part-3/


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