Glitch’s Trip First Impressions

There’s an interesting little game out in Early Access today called Glitch’s Trip. Ranstacked Studios LLC hopes to deliver on a stylish run & gun platformer with classic arcade elements, 80s coloring, and an elaborate level editor, by the conclusion of Glitch’s development. So far, I’m hooked!


Glitch can run, jump, wall-jump, shoot, and as you see in this screenshot, glitch. Glitching is your shield against projectiles. While in a temporarily glitch phase, bullets can’t hurt you, but you can’t move. Later in the demo, I glitched to flip a switch onto which platforms become visible.

Every short, but fairly challenging stage presented something new to me. Back to that screenshot, there are power-ups you can collect later to deal more firepower. It’s shaping up to be a creative platformer from the first 12 levels I’ve been able to play. Not only are the gameplay elements building off from each other, but so are the objectives.

A couple of stages pit me in an arena where I had to navigate everything through glitching, taking out enemies that will unlock paths to the stage’s exit upon destruction. I haven’t yet ran into a level that was firing projectiles at me off-sight or revealing a trap right before I land right straight into the pit. Plus, when you die, it’s not like you are restarting a lengthy stage from the very beginning.

This game is doing an awesome job allowing you to keep moving! The biggest gripes I’ve had with what I’ve played so far is the broken PS4 controller input (allowed, but buggy as heck). I ended up going through the demo with keyboard & mouse controls just fine, but considering the Xbox controller button labels, the developer very much sees the controller as a favorable way to play, despite working better in keyboard & mouse format.

Glitch’s Trip looks to be on the right track, already executing its simplicity to produce a new type of arcade platforming. Not many 2D platformers I’ve played that look and feel like what I had experienced with Glitch’s first adventure. Of course, it all could easily fall apart past those first 12 stages and I didn’t test out the level editor in my first impressions tour.

Check back for a final verdict when Glitch leaves his trip in Early Access sometime in 2018 for $9.99 or your regional equivalent!


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