Black Mesa First Impressions

As a Half-Life fan personally, I am bummed that we’ll never get a conclusion to the Gordon Freeman saga. Valve is no longer interested in creating games as they are primarily about the business behind Steam.

It’s great though that we are getting official Half-Life games created by fans. I didn’t love Prospekt, but the idea of fans creating their own licensed games is awesome! Black Mesa looks like a fan project going in the right direction!

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Black Mesa would be the upcoming remake of Half-Life 1. I loved Half-Life 2 more, but if anyone can expand and improve the first, I’d be on board! The weirdest thing to know here is that Black Mesa is still in Early Access, but publication outlets have already posted their reviews. The game doesn’t everything implemented yet.

Putting that aside, can this Half-Life remake do the franchise justice? So far…yes! I loved how this was able to capture the original’s story and atmosphere, while blending in gameplay from later entries. If you aren’t familiar with the original Half-Life, this is kin of the best way to introduce folks like you into this troubled, but incredible series.

If you did play Half Life 1, so much of this remake is remastered with improved controls, visual & audio updates, using the best out of the aging Source Engine, plus an updated level design to work with the added Half Life 2 mechanics. As previews go, I only played about an hour or so into what is a pretty long campaign.

I’ve been loving this remake more than the original for what I’ve played! The added mod support only gives more fun toys in the toolbox to play with. This is still Half-Life, meaning you’ll be solving physics puzzles as much as you will be shooting & adventuring. For me, I have no issues with how Black Mesa is shaping up so far…except the multiplayer.

Half-Life 1’s weakest component was the deathmatch hardly anyone bothers to remember, but this indie studio wishes to improve and update that multiplayer so there’s more value from it. While there’s more to do than a classic deathmatch, I had so much trouble playing it due to the servers having unstable connection, at least in my end.

It might just be me or a temporary issue, but I was frustrated when trying to play the competitive multiplayer. Occurring to the Steam store page, Black Mesa is supposed to leave Early Access later this year with the final chapters added, maybe other stuff as well. I look forward to giving you my final thoughts on this cult-classic remake once it leaves Early Access!


  1. I agree with your review. Can’t wait until they finish this game.
    Be sure to play the rest of the game, the Surface Tension chapter is amazing.
    And if you’re not running the Public-Beta, give the OARU mod a whirl. It add’s hours to the game.


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