The Mind Of Unity Asset Developers

Asset-flips have been notorious for being made entirely from random pre-bought assets, often not coded-in to work with the gameplay. I looked at NEO and it’s 2020 release date, deciding to dive deep into the mindset of these Unity Asset Developers and see what’s up, while asking a bit about the game.

I’m actually curious the way our guy is pitching this one. Lastly, this guy speaks French first, so forgive the grammar below if you so decide! I want these interviews to come out exactly how the interviewee would say it, so I’ll leave things be!



Chase: What is this crazy game?

Neo: It’s many things… the name of the game (N)ear (E)arth (O)bject, makes reference to the Nasa surveillance program that detect any big object that can be potentially dangerouse for the earth. It’s also my brand “”. I did not ask for it, but i will turn my head if someone call Neo, without forgetting that i am a big fan of “The Matrix”. It’s an easy name to remember in any languages.


Chase: Weirdness aside, what’s the gameplay of NEO? What do you do in this game?

Neo: Sci-fi, action, adventure, puzzle, investigation, first person shooter. You play an artificial intelligence specialist. You take part in a space expedition whose mission is to explore and investigate a mysterious space installation, a super giant cube approching earth orbit… the NEO. Along your adventure, you will find out what it is and what is it purpose.


Chase: What motivated you into developing this crazy game?

Neo: I am a game designer that just like sci-fi and games. I like to work on my own stuff and this is a fun project with a lot of challenges.


Chase: So with everything going on, why does every object in the game look like they came from another game or visual style? Are these pre-bought assets or ones you developed yourself?

Neo: It’s mostly bought assets. I am a “one guy studio” with limited budget and time. The apparence of the characters and objects are not the most important aspect in that game. What i think makes a real difference is the story, the personality of the charaters and the attachment to these characters. Honestly, i am still very far from that, but this is the place i would like to go.


Chase: Why go with different styles and not stick with one?

Neo: In fact, the visual style/design is the same, if you look at the pictures of the game, realist, minimalist, squary, dark bg and colorful objects, you can tell that there is a continuity. But the content is very different from a level to another, and there’s a reason for that, but unfortunatly, i can’t tell you, it’s part of the mystery.

Many developers reuse the same stuff in many levels, of course there’s a few advantages to do that, it gives a continuty to the visual, make the levels lighter, load faster, but it’s also redondant for the player. Having very different content in every level, i think, brings more originality and surprise, you never know what is waiting for you in the next level.



Chase: Do you plan on having a level editor where others can create their own in-game objects/environments and share through Steam Workshop?

Neo: All these different modes are interesting. But i really need to focus on the single player first, again, having limited time and resources. The first mode i would be interested to implement is VR.


Chase: When you do show footage, the framerate seemed to be super choppy. Was that intentional or a bug with your recording software? (not good to use that framerate either way)

Neo: It was not intentional, for some reason, a drop in the frame rate during the recording. In the following months, i have to make a new video that will reflect the game better.


Chase: One of the screenshots reveal a second soldier…COOP?

Neo: Later maybe, we will see what mode is popular in 2 years. It’s still early so everything in the game can change.


Chase: You have an Ao rating on your game. What’s in there that provoked the most notorious ESRB label?

Neo: There are many games that target the largest public, but i feel that i have to do something more adult, so you can expect a few adult themed levels.


Chase: Lastly, this game releases on PC and iOS, February 20th, 2020 with a demo coming out at the end of this year. However, this game is already available on iOS devices as three games with the site stating that NEO is available now on all three platforms. Explain all this please!

Neo: It’s like 2 seperate projects, but using most of the same material. Because of the limitations, the mobile version of the game is different, it’s more sim/arcade style, and the PC, more story/investigation oriented. Some levels will only be available on the PC version and viss verssa. A crowdfunding campain is planned for 2018. A PC demo is due at the end of 2018 or early 2019.

Thank’s Chase for the exchange!

Thank you, Neo, for being a good sport! Check his work out if you’d like at! Till next time!


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