Author Blaise Ramsay Interview

Back at All-Con 2018 and off-duty from my Heroic Inner Kids tasks, I browsed the library of vendors all around the small hallways. I haven’t exactly talked to an author yet for this blog and I figured since there’s a lot of adaptations coming up that are based on novels, I’d spotlight Blaise Ramsay on her own experience as a book writer, maybe mention one of her published stories as well!



Chase Pond: Tell us about your personal life!

Blaise Ramsay: I’m a stay at home mother of two rowdy little munchkins. A wife to a rather rambunctious husband, entrepreneur and all around working gal. When I’m not working on administrative stuff for FyreSyde, I’m cleaning house, running around doing chores, cooking – the normal parent stuff.

Most of the writing takes place at night when I can sit down and enjoy the silence after the kids are asleep. I find the late nights and early mornings are the most productive times for me. Monday through Fridays are normal work days for me. I do administrative things for FyreSyde which involves a lot of emailing. Once the clock is out, I’m “off work”.

Saturdays and Sundays are rest days where I take the time to read review titles for the blog tour companies I work for. Sometimes I take the time to prepare content for the upcoming week. I like to garden, play online games, binge-watch Netflix and take art commissions on the side for a little extra. Otherwise, I thoroughly enjoy the title of mom!


Chase Pond: We know you are an official author. Specifically, what genre of novels do you write?

Blaise Ramsay: The very first book I wrote was a biker romance. For personal reasons I put the title on hold for a brief hiatus. The Wolfgods series is a paranormal romance with four books in the series. Each focusing on one of four gods or goddesses and the character associated or in favor with them.

The second installment, Bane of Tenebris is planned to be released in the middle of next year. Other projects are also running alongside it, but will remain a secret until further notice to avoid spoilers. Haha.


Chase Pond: What made the decision in your life to pursue being an Author for a career?

Blaise Ramsay: It was actually a really strange timeline of events. I worked in conceptual art and character design for almost fifteen years. Clients included indie gaming companies, freelancers, and private clients from various websites. The more I did it however, the more of a void grew inside. Artwork just didn’t fulfill the passion it once did so on a whim, I decided to open up Word and wrote a short story.

The Good Luck Cat was a supernatural short story that wound up winning an award on the website I published it on. Then I found the writings of AE Fisher and fell in love with the biker romance genre. That was when I decided to write one. Research into self-publishing led me to discover NaNoWriMo.

A worldwide competition where authors of all kinds write the first draft of a novel in a single month. This was when Blessing of Luna was written. Once I got to touch the hard product, I knew I found what I wanted to do. This passion branched out into book blogging and reviews so I could help coach others who want to try publishing. Out of this love, FyreSyde Publishing was born.


Chase Pond: Tell us a bit about Blessing of Luna, which was the novel I noticed at All-Con.

Blaise Ramsay: Blessing of Luna is a paranormal romance based in the world of the shifters. IE – Werewolves, Lycanthropes and vampires. However, I do not leave the reader in that world. I take them into the world of mythology. The story focuses on Damien Pierce, a young man who through difficult times in his life comes to learn he’s not human.

In fact, he’s what’s known as a Purifier. A being meant to bring peace between the warring races of Lycans and werewolves. He is also the reincarnation of Jillian’s long lost lover. The two create a new relationship and learn that their enemy isn’t who they thought.


Chase Pond: An interesting discovery, your book is $1.99 except free on Kindle. Why make the Kindle Edition free and your default price be this low for a new book?

Blaise Ramsay: The book is enrolled in KDP Select. Kindle unlimited is a program you can enroll into for 14.99 a month which makes certain titles free as a promotional price. The eBook is 1.99 for pre-order for those who are not enrolled. The paperback itself is not available for purchase until April 20, 2018. For folks who pre-order the eBook I am offering the first two chapters of book two.


Chase Pond: Explain the challenges it takes to become a full-time author.

Blaise Ramsay: There are many challenges to becoming a full-time author. For one, writing has to be seen as a business. Even if it is your full time job. You can’t just call in and tell your regular nine to five that you just don’t feel like working. The same could be said for writing.

It takes discipline, grit and a tough hide. For me, I made office hours including scheduled vacation days and times off. Getting out and doing some footwork for marketing and promotion is all up to you, especially if you self-publish. It definitely has to be seen as a business, not a hobby. Getting that mindset is the most crucial step.


Chase Pond: You self-publish your stories, but why self-publish over working with a publisher? As opposed to the advantages, what do you lose from not working with the higher tiered businesses?

Blaise Ramsay: I had a really bad experience with traditional publishing. Plus, if I was honest, I like the control. I like to keep the revenue, schedule my own events and have full range say in everything involving the books. I don’t really feel I’ve lost anything so much as gained.

I’ve seen more growth going out to meet people and networked with so many different authors. Self-publishing is a growing industry. It’s hard but from what I’ve learned, it’s worth the effort and creates bonds.


Chase Pond: On a similar note, considering this blog prioritizes on Movies & Video Games, do you ever see your book being adapted into a game, film or TV series in the future? Anything is possible when you think about it.

Blaise Ramsay: Umm, I don’t really think about things like that. I’m just happy to have a physical product and meeting the people I’ve met. I have been told by many people that they would want the book to become a movie. I really don’t know what I’ll think until it happens. The night is still young as they say!


Chase Pond: What do you think about adaptations in general? Do they help or harm authors?

Blaise Ramsay: Nah. I think having the different adaptations is good for an author. Not only does it give them notoriety and their name on various media but it also gives them new ways to network. Something I am a bit nervous about is what little say an author can have in the say of movie scripts, etc.

Even Stephen King has been known to say he didn’t like the early adaptations of his books. He was very happy to see the new rendition of IT. It’s more like he envisioned. Otherwise, I think it can help and is something authors need to look into.


Chase Pond: Lastly, how does one insert cover art or any images for a printable book, considering that of course, you’ve got a very detailed cover art that may or may not have been drawn by you?

Blaise Ramsay: What I did was hire out the cover art design to a very talented artist. It’s the only thing I ever really contract out. The worst thing an author can do is to open up photoshop and start pasting pictures together. The cover is the first thing the reader sees. If it doesn’t catch the eye, then it won’t catch the reader.

As a matter of fact, the cover art of Blessing of Luna has been complimented so many times, we lost count. Have a good cover will attract the reader.

Thanks so much to Blaise herself for being my guest in the latest Pond’s Press interview. Check out her Tumblr page and grab yourself a “Blessing of Luna” copy on Amazon if all this interests you!

Till next time!


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