Slap City First Impressions

We’ve got E3 coming up soon and you bet your butt Nintendo will show off Super Smash Bros. for Switch. Why not tell you about a Smash Bros-like indie game that is looking to have it’s own fun spin on the fighting formula.

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It only makes sense for a studio like Ludosity, who hosts an array of silly Japan-inspired indies, to bring them all together in one fun parody of Smash Bros. My demo experience immediately began with a tutorial on how to play. While I’m very much familiar with Super Smash Bros, I do admire the developer’s willingness to not copy & paste its influence.

You won’t find any Mario, Link or Captain Falcon clone here for the fighting move sets and personalities are strictly tide to that character. Plus, our cast consist of fun riffs on pop culture and/or gaming industry factors like “Casual Business Man”, containing his own currency from beating the crud out of people. Where does that feature amend to, I couldn’t figure out during my hour play.

Another big difference to point out, Slap City has three attack move sets corresponding with three buttons. This helps diversify the fighting strategies a little more, with each character getting their own set of light, medium and heavy attacks. For the most part, Slap City still plays like Super Smash Brothers. You’re still knocking each other off platforms, the Arcade mode pays a tribute to the original Nintendo 64 version with its own take on “Target Practice”.

What’s unique to Slap City is a mode called “Slap Ball”, which has its Single-player and Multi-player aspects. The Single-player, which so far is only in Arcade mode as opposed to their Target Practice, has you shooting beach balls through as many hoops as you can before time runs out. For multiplayer, two teams fight over one play-driven customizable beach ball to try and shoot the ball through their opponent’s hoop.

So far anyway, I was thoroughly entertained by the silliness of this game, from the weird theme song to experimenting with my given cast. Nothing feels like it’s ripping off Nintendo’s flagship fighter and can hold on its own group for at least the first hour of playtime. Now, that’s not to say this build is in perfection.

Looking at the games they’ve got, there’s so many interesting characters that can easily turn into fighters, yet there’s only five at the time with eight promised for release. Occurring to the update progress, there is a chance Slap City will launch alongside Smash 5, which could possibly hurt its publicity.

We’ve got plenty of maps to choose from on the stock & timed K.O. modes, but only three for Slap Ball and match customization is sparse compared to the other Smash-like indies out there. Final battle in Arcade mode is a bit underwhelming, pitting yourself against an evil version of a cast member. Lastly and most importantly, I could not get myself into an online competitive match, but I assume it works for whoever is playing.

Once again, Slap City is slated for a late 2018 launch. I will be giving verdict once this goofy fighter leaves Early Access. Crossing my fingers for this one!




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