Man Cites Lines From Shrek And Gains Fame Almost Immediately

I was going to leave movies alone until Friday, but I could not pass on this story because it’s that strange on how it came to be. We have a guy named TJ who on a long camping road trip with his sister Maria, decides to act out the famous scene from Shrek where Donkey follows Shrek to his swamp upon meeting him, by giving his best impressions of both characters. Of course, Maria films this, not realizing how much attention it would gain:

Within two days, this video reached over 2 million views, currently sitting at 3.86M at the time of this write-up. Of course, I could talk about how manly likes and retweets, but the best part of the reactions come from the common responses:

So as you can see, a lot of romantic love for this guy, noted by the sister who responded everyone that he’s up for grabs. This tweet was so powerful, it got Buzzfeed to talk about them. I honestly have no idea how this blew up, but I get why he’s receiving a ton of love. His impressions of a commonly known scene are decent, even if you don’t see the essence of the original actors in him. At least, he makes the best job he can out of pure boredom to capture that scene through voice, though gives up towards the end.

Quoting dialogue from movies is a pretty ordinary thing. While managing a booth at a geek convention, two of my buddies will quote lines from Black Panther and other movies because they love those movies. I honestly think it’s his looks more than the voice work as I know voice actors and know of the many voice Impressionists on YouTube who can deliver a much more authentic re-creation of that same famous line.

I remember back in middle school where there were plenty of guys getting dates from several girls in theater class mostly from their looks and charisma. I’m definitely not saying this is every female out there, my school was just infested with stereotypes that some females of today are reasonably sick of.

Congrats to TJ for managing to wow many females on Twitter, you’re probably a celebrity now, all out of getting bored in a car ride. I seriously can’t say anything else about this. I’m curious to know what you think down in comments below!

Till Next Time!


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