Elo Hell First Impressions

So Elo Hell is an eSports simulator that’s split up into two parts. The “sitcom”, which serves as the main single-player attraction, is about a group of nerds getting excited for the hit new MOBA game Echo Star and enters themselves in an eSports league.

The second part, revolving around Echo Star, gives a round-based attack & defend, choosing what to add-on with your base, then selecting a class and support character. Like all MOBAs the winner goes to whoever can take down all or the most of their opponent’s base.

Screenshot_2018-08-09 For Esports Fans Elo Hell - The Game Elo Hell

Based on my experience, I blasted through the prologue and tutorial with currently no one online to play against, so I cannot describe what it’s like to play an Echo Star match with other players or bots, since neither are currently present. This sitcom they are hyping up to release its first episode in the summer of 2019, already is not working. The term “Elo Hell” is a meme among MOBA gamers alike referring to poor teamwork during multi-player matches.

The Elo Hell sitcom makes that clear with these geeks debating over how to be great in a MOBA game. I’m distracted by how creepy the character models look combined with their facial animation. If you take out the Unreal Engine 4 shading, this would look authentically like a PS2 game. Take the visuals aside, the dialogue between these eSports enthusiasts is really bad.

They are riding the narrative on one meme and you can tell that’s all they’ve got in terms of character, humor and how you progress the plot. You don’t know anything about these gamers other than their skill-set in DOTA…or is it DOTA 2, get your facts right if you are trying to aim for the MOBA audience. Also, these gamers would be trolling Echo Star for “ripping-off” DOTA 2 or League of Legends if we actually want to satirize eSports culture.

You have so much material to work off from, instead just making competitive player references and arguements to serve as the writing. Since I’m not caring for anyone, it’s hard to feel the suspense of player-driven narrative choices. Again, this is only the prologue, but I’m already not sold, especially on waiting a full year to try the first episode.

For Echo Star, the tutorial did give me an in-depth lesson on how to play and I like how tighter matches are, but the practice match wasn’t all too exciting, mainly that the characters I’ve played so far don’t have that personality depth people love in MOBAs, just different soldier classes or vehicles. For being hyped in the campaign as the “hit new MOBA”, this so far feels the opposite, like one of those games to that jumps on a trend without adding creative love.

For all I know, this could be the next great indie once it releases, but I might forget about before then, considering that date for the first chapter. Right now, Elo Hell feels uninspired, running off on a meme that is eaiser to search up than the game itself. I might review it, but it looks like an Early Access game that will die off before it ever gets finished.

Oh the struggle is certainly real with this one!



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