Booksmart Review

Directed and written by Olivia Wilde, Booksmart is about these two nerdy best friends, Amy & Molly (played by Kaitlyn Dever & Beanie Feldstein), who have spent their whole school life only with each other or making sure they get straight “A”s in school all the time. Problem is, they have never partied or have gone out to socialize with others, and they’ve got one last night before one of them possibly has to go away for a year to their destined college.

So, they take the long night out to find Nick’s graduation party, where both of them also have their own crushes to express their feelings to. I’m personally offended that the trailer might make some people think they’re getting into a typical raunchy comedy and they’re not, because this film right here is way to amazing to fall into that trap.

All those sexual jokes at the beginning refer to Amy being a lesbian and never confident to share her sexuality to anyone but her best friend. Even then, the movie does not tread so hard on the sex talk as all of it is only to a realistic level. Anytime something is exaggerated, its used for some creative gags that play into self-confidence, also keeping it into realism as all that exaggeration is in their head.

The relationship between these two girls is believable, even the type of geeks they are never goes to a trope. This feels like a real high school in 2019, they plays on different beliefs high schoolers like myself have had. It helps that every single side character is given their own personality and depth:

Anything that any other comedy, let alone R-Rated, would abuse for some cheap laughs, this film brings some clever comedy, along with some well-crated storytelling. Every character that even gets one scene is fleshed-out, and touching on things, such as teachers not getting paid enough for their job or having great grades doesn’t always mean everything when those who don’t still get to move on in their lives in success.

Principle Jordan (played by Jason Sudeikis), sets an example when early on, he seems like he’s running things, but what’s really paying his bills is his second job as a Lyft driver. There are many things a teenager believes is true that this film either dives deeper into or rejects in satirical or dramatic ways. This movie is all heart-felt comedy, until the twist near the end that’s actually heartbreaking, but them kind of sweet.

Though, it always comes back to Amy & Molly, who have never really exposed themselves to beauty and dangerous nature of getting out there. You love being with these girls for every second, or at least I did. I teared up when it was over, because I loved the storytelling so much and surprisingly so for the humor, that never once was too much or too little on the R-Rated tone.

I could gush about how good this film is, even from the cinematography viewpoint, showing off some cool scenery of northern LA, along with how some of the imaginary gags are set up. I don’t want to say too much, because there’s a lot to adore here. The only very minor complaint I could have is a scenario that occurs very briefly towards the end just not making much sense. Otherwise, yeah, go see Booksmart! Booksmart is a definite “Must Watch” for its sweetness, creative humor and strong storytelling!


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