Kingdom Hearts 3 RE:MIND Review

I’m a huge fan of the Kingdom Hearts games. I grew up fantasizing about Disney Worlds connected in some form of a universe. The tales of Sora, Donald & Goofy saving the worlds from evil was certainly charming, no matter how ridiculous the plot would get over time. Despite that last act, I even loved Kingdom Hearts 3…but, I wished for them to wrap their stories up so they can move forward to something different and simpler.

By the last act, the story stopped making much sense no matter how much studying you do on all the previous games that have come before it. Instead of ending, we get another cliffhanger to a part 4 because Kari could not stop getting kidnapped by bad guys, along with some detailed plot points as discovering the “Masters of Masters” and warping into different dimensions.

So for this DLC that was said to answer so much, we begin with Sora given one last chance to correct mistakes by warping back in time to prevent what he had failed to accomplish. Kingdom Hearts had already gone into doing time-traveling and different versions of selves. Now, we’re in another loophole, because if you think you are getting this $30 DLC for closure…you might as well not buy it.

Furthermore, you really are just repeating scenes of the last act with either different bosses or somewhat different cutscenes that will sometimes appear on parts you’ve already been through. It really feels like a Director’s Cut you are paying maybe $25 too much. I didn’t know which cutscenes I can skip or which will go into a new scene that barely adds new information, though never closure.

By the end, I was more confused than ever and less interested in what becomes of Kingdom Hearts 4 on the narrative side. There were so many ways to wrap up a trilogy + however many spin-offs we’ll count, but instead they don’t even conclude, presenting a new cliffhanger, possibly more nonsensical than Terminator Genisys

Now, if you were here strictly for the content, there are a couple of new bosses/action scenes. They all present new challenges that require you to do a little more than just mash X, but like the cutscenes, there’s not enough there to warrant the aforementioned price tag. After completion (which will take a couple of hours), you have the option to battle all the main villains of Kingdom Hearts 3 again on a much harder difficulty with no backup…and that’s it.

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There’s no additional scenes, challenges or levels regarding the entire game leading up to the last world, and new content is only seen in parts. Kingdom Hearts 3 is still a wonderful action-RPG, but RE: MIND is the definition of a scam, a very well-made scam. For $30, you should be expected to expand the game in some meaningful way, and this doesn’t at all. You could have made this a free update with how little is added, but I’m sorry, this DLC made me question myself as a fan of the series.

Kingdom Hearts 3 RE: MIND is simply “Disappointing”.


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