Super Crush K.O. Review

  • Reviewed On Switch
  • Purchased At 15% Off
  • Also Available On PC

Its nice to get an old-fashion beat’em up now and then, which is what Super Crush K.O. aims to be. Your cat is stolen by some alien lady and that’s your motivation to go from stage to stage, beating the snot out of robots. If you’ve played an old-school basher, some elements will be familiar.

Your main character has to go from left to right, beating up thugs, or in this case, robots. There are five lives in each level, and you know if you lose all you get a game over, or well, a restart of said level that’s not very lengthy. Every checkpoint or so number of enemies you fight, you’ll get health recovery and maybe a boost for your special beam attack.

Where it differs is the style and combat that compliments such aesthetics of an anime or one of Cartoon Network’s recent shows. There’s all these bright colors going on as the protagonist can pull off super punches, slides, dashes, kicks, and air strikes. She’s also got her own blaster to shoot at enemies from a distance.

While the main goal is simply just getting through the end of fighting off robots, there is a leaderboard to encourage the highest score, which is based on how much you can keep up combos, how fast you can get through the stage and how little hits/deaths have you taken. While I can’t say the game is particularly hard to beat (aside from one level towards the end) there is the challenge of going through without getting hit.

Later on, there’s so much that gets thrown at you, its difficult to evade everything. Achieving the highest might be the ultimate motivation to keep replaying these short levels. Outside of a score though, there’s not a lot to replay for. You can beat the game within an hour or two and there’s no additional difficulties or unlocks.

Sometimes, the combat is enough to carry things through, and indeed, the game is very easy to pick up and a blast to play. There’s so much variety in the enemies you fight, that it does get hectic when you are up against so much at once. Most enemies can be lifted up in the air, but the biggest foes cannot and require careful dodging when attacking.


The other things you’ll come across are lasers and timed traps. They will do all their might to throw you off when dealing with huge waves. For the most part, Super Crush K.O. is just colorful fun and its awesome seeing something so empowering to ladies who are into anime. The only part that doesn’t work for me is the one recycled boss encounter.

It almost feels like the game didn’t need multiple boss stages since they’re the least creative parts of the short campaign. Its pretty much one huge robot that reuses attacks from regular enemies and they aren’t even different moves within each encounter. I know they make a joke about the alien resorting to the same method, but its almost a mask for some uninspired game design.

I only wished that we’d replace these boss stages with more regular levels, or add some challenge missions post-completion, but as it stands, the game still delivers on old-fashioned butt-kicking. I had a “Good” time with Super Crush K.O. for its charm, over-the-top combat and inviting ways to experiment. Especially for kids, this is a great indie to take with you and beat on-the-go!


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