Effie Review

  • Review Key Supplied By Developers
  • Reviewed On PS4
  • Also Available On PC

3D platformers are scarce today, but every now and then, a studio outside of the known will bring the formula back. In the case of Effie, we have the adventure of one old man and his magic shield, on a quest of forgiveness and simply saving the day from evil.

Effie is pretty much like those PS2 platformers, where the story is straight-forward, the art direction is great to look at and there’s some fun adventure platforming to be had…all be, with some dated aspects.

Galand was a lazy old knight with no desire to help anyone. This bit him on the rear when one day, a weak witch came by to ask for support. When Galand refused, she brought darkness onto the land and an age spell for our knight, setting him on a quest to do what is right. In what will take you just a handful of hours to complete is a journey through jumps, goblin-smacking and collectibl…ing until the credits roll.

After the opening stage, there’s an overworld to speed through on your magic shield, which works as your essential helper in fighting, traversing and platforming. While that, Galand is providing commentary on the spot, which as delightfully cheesy as it could be, does get repetitive when he doesn’t have much else to say.

Usually, simple characters like Mario or Crash Banicoot let their expressions and actions speak for themselves, but Galand is almost constantly sharing one of few sentences, mainly containing old man quips in narration. Its at least not to the level of annoying, but there are times where I telegraphed what he was about to say before he said it. The storytelling and dialogue is definitely something aimed at kids more than adults, which is fine.

The same can be said for the puzzles, which results to finding a switch and pulling it to activate the next platforming challenge. Every area there’s some sort of jump to make, with booby traps, saw blades, raising platforms, any traditional platformer obstacle you can think of, filling you the sensation of 3D jumping nostalgia. Of course, a 3D hopper is going to have those extra rewards.

In this case, there’s collecting enough stones to raise your health bar. A big boost in such is from finding these blue chests you’ll smack using the shield. Many of these blue chests will be hidden around the overworld, giving you an incentive to explore and take on side challenges between the main missions.


Really the coolest part about this game is souring through this gorgeous kingdom at high speed. It may not be anything more than a means to get from place to place, but hover boarding with the shield feels great. This is not to say that the platforming isn’t solid where it stands, but out of all things the game brings up, this is what’s so special about Effie.

I almost wished that we had more sections with riding on the magic shield, mixed with platforming that works, even if its not anything incredible. The combat is perhaps the game’s weakest part and used quite often. For kids, this is perfectly fine as its simple and easy, but for me personally, I grew old of wave after wave with the same handful of enemies mostly don’t require any strategy to defeat.

Except for the very end, the boss fights don’t seem to be anything but a horde challenge. I know with all these criticisms, I might be leading to a mixed review, but with all the problems I’ve had, I still had fun throughout the short ride. Combat is the worst part, and there were still times where it felt great swinging my shield around, thanks to the colorful presentation, especially by sound design.

Effie may not be the most groundbreaking 3D platformer out there and its quite dated by design, but I had a “Low-Good” time. I think those looking for a 3D jumper on their PS4 or PC that’s pleasant and easy to get through, you won’t regret the old-man redemption tale.


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