Alistair Dickerson Interview

I’m not doing this follow for follow or sub for sub, but I’ll look at some of my followers, curious to know what creative endeavors they possess. So here we’ve got a YouTuber, Twitch streamer and a musician with over 10k followers on Twitter? I have to know more about Mr. Alistair Dickerson!


Chase Pond: Youtuber, streamer AND a musician? How do you manage all this?

Alistair Dickerson: I am a Professional marimba teacher and i teach at schools around Cape Town. In my spare time i make gaming videos as well as music videos every now and again. I pre-record gaming videos every Thursday and i upload at least up to 5 videos a week.

I used to be a regular streamer but as of now i have been taking a break from it. I live stream games on my twitch channel as well as perform music with my bands on twitch as well.


Chase Pond: Explain what people might see from your three individual talents?

Alistair Dickerson: Sims4 content, although as I’m taking a break from it expect other games as well. As for streaming i will continue soon as i feel ready to continue. I am working on an album called “One Man Marimba Band” which will be coming out, either end of this year or next year sometime. More marimba videos to come.


Chase Pond: What encouraged you to be managing all these tasks?

Alistair Dickerson: At first i started with making sims4 content then, as my fan base grew, i then decided to put my profession (music) onto YouTube which then gave me 200k views on Fandalism. What encouraged me to creat content was watching James Turner, JackSepticEye etc and other YouTubers. My fans encourage me everyday.


Chase Pond: For gaming, you do videos primarily on Sims 4, which has been everyone’s least favorite Sims game. Why Sims 4 out of all Sims?

Alistair Dickerson: My channel Ironic Sims was created 2 days or so when The Sims 4 game was released and i was really eager to play it and i was watching loads of James Turners videos beforehand and at that time and i wanted to be just like him so I decided to play it on YouTube.

Since beginning of last year i have made a Playlist and series called “Ironic Plays”. There i play ANY game that is not Sims4. From GTA5 to Need For Speed, anything.I also do one off videos that arn’t in ironic plays as they relate to different gameplay styles. Also i prefer building in Sims4 than Sims3.


Chase Pond: The biggest following you’ve received is interesting. People have found out about you mainly through Twitter. How has Twitter become your greatest tool of publicity?

Alistair Dickerson: I enjoy following people. I am NOT a follow4follow account. Yes i follow more people that follow me, WHY? The simple answer is, i follow people who i have interest in and they follow back or other people follow me but I don’t follow back people i have no interest in.

I go to a coffee shop and check peoples account out and if i like them i will follow them. I originally started twitter as a way to advertise my YouTube content but then when my twitter started to grow i decided to make my twitter about other people ad their interest in gaming so i started blogging latest gaming news from Gamespot and other sites.

I have reached 14k followers and love everyone of them.

I get adleast 100k+ impressions a month.


Chase Pond: Have you ever thought of uploading your music on SoundCloud, iTunes, etc.?

Alistair Dickerson: I will be releasing my album “One Man Marimba Band” end of this year or next year some time. The album will be on ITunes, Spotify Android store everywhere. As for soundcloud, i will post 1 or 2 songs (or more) there but not the whole album as i would like people to support me by buying the album or songs when it is live. I will be doing the same on YouTube.


Chase Pond: Besides the Sims 4, what other games do you like to play?

Alistair Dickerson: Most of the games i play are for YouTube otherwise I like playing kingdom come deliverance GTA5 and many more. But of course building in Sims.


Chase Pond: Are their any specific upcoming videos, streams or songs you would like to share?

Alistair Dickerson: When I reach 650 Subscribers on Ironic Sims is be releasing a very special marimba video on that channel. As of now there isn’t anything to really expect on my music channel but stay in touch with me on twitter to find out. When i get back into the right mood again i will continue to get back to streaming.

On Ironic Sims iv been given an early access key of a game called “Portarius” And i have done an Ironic Plays video of it so you can check it out on the channel.

Would just like to say a really BIG BIG thanks to Chase Pond for giving me this interview it really means a lot. Thanks!

You’re so welcome, Mr. Dickerson! Those who are interested will have to check your site, which is the central hub for all things Alistair Dickerson!

Till next time!


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  1. That was such an interesting interview with Mr Alistair Dickerson. I greatly enjoyed his enthusiasm and I think, that and a love for working hard is what makes someone an ‘allrounder’ in any field he chooses to work in, a talent for music is also an added bonus. Thank you!


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